Kennedy Renewables

Kennedy Renewables is a private investor & developer in renewable energy solutions to meet the ongoing demands for electricity and heat within today’s growing society.

As a company we are both passionate and committed to generating power from renewable technologies and understand the challenges the future holds with the inevitable outcome of fossil fuels running out and the scarcity of energy. Additionally, we also understand CO2 levels rising in the earth’s atmosphere which therefore puts more emphasis on the need for renewable generation.

We are committed to our goal of finding renewable energy sources and doing our part in helping to reduce the worlds carbon foot print. We develop all our sites in close consultation with local stakeholders associated to our development/investment and pride ourselves in helping the communities by sponsorships/initiatives which will help grow knowledge & resource in the area.

Business and Investors

Enquiries are invited from:

  • Landowners
  • Renewables business
  • Builders and developers

Wishing to explore Joint Venture (JV) opportunities in the renewables sector

Community & Education

As a socially responsible company, Kennedy Renewables is keen to build partnerships with community projects and educational facilities in order to provide opportunities for worthy causes as well as junior schools, secondary schools and further education facilities